Thursday, November 13, 2008


You know how there's always that guy who always knows how to get on your nerves? Well, I am not one of the lucky people who is blessed with the absence of such a person. Mine is worse than someone in person. Mine is on Wikipedia. For those of you unfamiliar with Wiki-etiquette, let me explain it. On Wikipedia, there are certain rules that MUST be followed when interacting with other editors. One of those rules is that you're not allowed to call other users names, make legal threats, etc. Now that you know this, you will understand my position more.

Now, this user who got my goat (whose name will remain anonymous) just indirectly broke one of those rules. Here is his direct quote, "... there's no hope in discussing this with you if you're not intelligent enough. But I forgive you." Now, what would you do in my situation? What could you do in my situation? You obviously can't retaliate with another remark. But on the other hand, you can't just do nothing, 'cuz then it looks like you're afraid of him, which you're not. Oh well, it's always the sane people who suffer. The crazy people get to say whatever they want, without thinking. But the sane people have to think about what there saying so they don't hurt anybody's feelings. Oh well, time to go take this out on my PC.

(Oh, by the way, the link to this entire discussion is right here.)


Iceman said...

I wonder who you're talking about?

RC-0722 said...

You know who...